Orbinox Valve  -

- Fabricated Stainless Steel & Aluminum Sluice Gates Slide Gates, Stop Log Assemblies, Stop Gates - Flap Gates, Telescopic Valves, Mud Valves, Shear Gates - Fabricated & Custom, Cast Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel & Ductile Iron Knife Gate Valves 



Crispin Valve -

- K-Flo AWWA Butterfly Valves 3” – 168” Epoxy & Mechanically Retained Seats - K-Flo AWWA

Eccentric Plug Valves 2-1/2” – 48” Full & Reduced Port  

- Ludlow-Rensselaer AWWA Metal Seated Gate Valves 3" - 108"  

- Ludlow-Rensselaer AWWA Resilient Wedge Gate Valves 3" -  24" - AWWA Tilting Disc Check Valves, Swing Check Valves, Rubber Flapper Check Valves, Rubber Flapper ASR Surge Check Valves, Globe & Foot Check Valves - Air Release, Air & Vacuum, & Combination Valves X-Series Stainless Steel Air Valves - Pump Protection Valves, Vacuum Priming Valves, Tangential Flow Eliminators  


 Adams Valve -
Triple Offset Metal Seated Butterfly Valves (Southern California) 



Crane Valves -
- High Performance Butterfly Valves

- Soft Seated Ball Valves, quarter turn operation

- Globe and Angel Valves - Bronze and Cast Steel

​- Gate Valves - Bronze, Cast Iron, and Cast Steel

​- Check Valves - Dual-Plate, Full Body Swing and Steam Stop Check Valves

- Duo-Chek High Performance Non-Slam Check Valves



Ross Valve -
- Pressure Reducing, Flow Control, Surge Control, & Pump Control Valves
- Altitude Valves, Level Control, Back Pressure & Safety Valves
- Energy Dissipating & Differential Control Valves
- Pilot Valves

- AWWA Metal Seated Ball Valves
- Custom, Pre-Packaged Valve Vaults

​- HDPE Flap Gates & Slide Gates


 TB Hydro -
- Plunger Type Regulating Valves & Jet Flow Gates
- Spherical Turbine Inlet Valves
- Double Offset Bi-Plane Fabricated BFV’s 



Bailey Valve -
- Sleeve Valves for Superior Valve Performance for Inline, Angle, & Terminal Flow Control &

Pressure Reduction Applications 

- In-line Service & Maintenance Available



Trident Actuators -
- Electro-Hydraulic Unitized Actuators Fully Enclosed in One Enclosure

- Rotary and Linear Actuator Options

- Safe, Reliable, and Virtually Maintenance Free

- No Field Hydraulic Connections Required

- All Tubing, Fittings & Enclosure Made of Stainless Steel

- Leak-Free, Vent-Free Closed Hydraulic System Prevents Intrusion of Moisture & Other Matter

- Every Trident Actuator is Designed & Built for a Specific Application

- Can be Designed to be Fail-Safe, Submersible, & Explosion Proof


 Limitorque -
- Electric Actuators & Gear Boxes ¼ Turn & Multi-Turn
- Fluid Power Hydraulic Actuators
- Network Protocols & Controls 


 Sorensen Systems -
- Motion and Control Power Systems
- Hydraulic, Pneumatic, automation, and fluid connector components & systems
- Single Source System provider of water-to-wire systems, turbine-valve-controls integration, and motion and control engineered systems
- Gate and Valve Control Systems, conduit energy recovery systems, governor conversion systems, water treatment systems, and PLC-driven Gate Controls