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Valve Assessment, Service, & Repair

Inspect Externals of the Valve and Valve Gearbox (Actuator) for Cracks, Gasket Leaks, Missing or Badly Corroded Bolts and Components

Operate and Asses the Valve Performance During Operation with the Intent to Fully Cycle the Valve Open and Closed

Examine Gearbox and Valve Stem

Remove Gearbox Cover Plate

Check for Excessive Slop, Wear and Tear, and Adequate Lubrication of Gears and Moving Parts

Lubricate and Make Any Necessary Adjustments

If any Major Repairs are Necessary or Valves are Deemed Inoperable, Rehabilitation Recommendations Will be Provided

We Can Provide Similar Service and Repair on Actuators, Air Valves, Check Valves, and More!